Indie Intermission – ‘A Bird’s Love’ All You Need Is Love

A Bird's Love ss01

Today’s game is yet another game that was created for the Ludum Dare contest a few weeks back. A Bird’s Love was created by Omaromeir and is a fantastic little game that only requires one finger.

A Bird’s Love only requires the use of the spacebar however the game is a little bit more tricky than it may first seem. You must collect as many hearts as possible whilst keeping your bird safe and capable of reaching the end.

This requires you to press space at the appropriate places and although very simplistic in its nature the game plays surprisingly well. The game length although short works perfectly for just how simplistic the game is as it never feels boring.

I’m sure with the addition of more levels, some power ups and a little more work A Bird’s Love would be a perfect mobile game.

A Bird's Love ss02

Average play time: 5 minutes

A Bird’s Love is a cute, charming, simplistic little game that has been created in a charming retro style. The game won’t take you long but the style and simplistic nature of the game just more for a perfect little minimalistic game.

Be sure to play A Bird’s Love online now. If you enjoy the game be sure to vote for it on Ludum Dare while there is still time.

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