Indie Intermission – ’30 Days’ Lost In The Wilderness Will Change A Man

30 Days

Welcome back for another week looking across the length and breadth of the internet for more free indie games. After spending so much time looking around LD25 I thought it was only appropriate to move away from that jam this week and look more at Indie Speed Run along with some awesome games online.

Today I have picked up on 30 Days from Insert Coin Studios. I took a special interest in this one as I have looked at one of their games in the past so I thought it would be great to see what they have been up to. 30 Days was created for the Escapist’s Indie Speed Run and is a rather interesting exploring game, that although is still very much a work in progress shows great potential.

In 30 Days you play as an explorer lost in some far away land, the whole idea is to explore the lands and try to survive the 30 days. Of course you can do more than just wonder around aimlessly as you will stumble across chests and bad guys over the course of your adventure, significantly livening up the exploration.

In its current state 30 Days proves an interesting distraction from your day and has been constructed rather well. My main issue with the game is it does lack a fair bit in the gameplay department, from the limited chest items to the lack of really any pick-ups the game is currently a bit basic.

It is however very interesting and a game that with extra development could be fleshed out to be something rather interesting.

30 Days

Average play time – 15 minutes

30 Days is a solid jam game and considering it is so well polished in just the short time Insert Coin Studios had to create it, overall is rather impressive. The gameplay is sadly lacking and the addition of extra variety and even a world map would help the game achieve a more engrossing experience.

Be sure to check out 30 Days on Indie Speed Run now.

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  • Thank you so much for covering our Indie Speed Run entry! We did unfortunately run out of time. We had plans to add a flashlight to ‘fight’ the monsters at night, upgradable houses, different monsters, and more interactivity with the environment. Some of this functionality actually is in the game just disabled due to bugginess.

    All in all the speed run went really well, and i hope everyone enjoyed playing :D