Indie Intermission – ‘1000ms’ Ready, Set, Panic!

1000ms ss01

Today I bring you a truly manic game from Loren Bednar which will have you scrambling across your keyboard as you try to score a reputable score in 1000ms.

1000ms is manic from the get go and has you pressing the correct number in line with the active row to try to achieve some sort of score.

The game has four play modes ranging from the absurd 1 second game in which you seem to just have to pray and hope you get a score, to the more leisurely 10 second mode which although is still manic, but compared to the 1 second mode this feels slow.

1000ms has a fantastic visual style which reminds me of bejewelled. The gems here however are not working with you they work against you as they tick down showing you your impending doom adding even more elements of haste to the proceedings.

There is no doubt 1000ms is a crazy game that offers such spectacular difficulty in such a small time frame but it is a good way to spend a few minutes.

1000ms ss02

Average play time – 3 minutes

1000ms is a deeply cruel game which will have you initially confused, and then just angry at how slow you are in pressing the numbers.

It doesn’t have much depth but for the duration it is one fun crazy game that will leave a lasting impression.

Be sure to check out 1000ms online and see if you can get much of a score on the 1 second challenge. If you would like to help Loren Bednar head over to the Ludum Dare site and vote for the game.

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