Indie Game Round-Up: Log Jam

fistful of gun

We’re on fire with today’s Indie Links! There’s a game about burning things in a fireplace, a game about Santa Claus lighting houses on fire… and a game where you have to treat a customer right or you’re fired.

Recommended Game: I Get This Call Every Day (Independent Gaming)
I Get This Call Every Day is a Gordian knot that resists being cut. It’s an intractable situation that some people, such as the game’s author, have to deal with on a daily basis without getting fired. David S. Gallant’s latest game (and the first one that’s being sold and not freely distributed) is an autobiographical tale of workplace absurdity.”

Free Picks: Happy Little Murder Friends, Fistful of Gun (Farmergnome) (IndieGames)
Under the Garden and Under the Ocean developer Farmergnome (Paul Greasley) sure makes pretty games, no matter the size. He just released substantially updated, free builds for his recent Ludum Dare game for Windows, Happy Little Murder Friends, and another side project called Fistful of Gun.”

Feedtank’s Pangolin: Anteaters FTW (Independent Gaming)
“Sounds like a platformer? You’d be surprised. This vivid, surreal indie ios game by the 2-man devteam at Feedtank, is …NOT a platformer.  In fact, it’s the very antithesis of a platformer. You don’t control this loveable anteater who looks like a bowling ball. Rather, he is entirely at your mercy as you bounce him around the world with trampolines.”

Little Inferno Is A Delightfully Grim Tale, But Its Best Story Is A Hidden One (Kotaku)
“Maybe it’s because Little Inferno doesn’t present the side of Armageddon that we’re used to seeing in games, but you might not even pick up on its apocalyptic storyline. Yet as I burned prize after prize in my Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace, a thought tugged at the back of my mind: why am I doing this?”

Mew-Genics Is Multi-Platform, One of Which Is iOS (Joystiq)
Mew-Genics will be available on iOS devices, but that’s not all. Well, actually, that is all for today. The weekly Mew-Genics teaser simply says that the game will launch on multiple platforms, one of which is iOS, as demonstrated by the accompanying iPad mock-up. Considering the mobile angle and Edmund McMillen’s recent involvement with Sony, we’re personally hoping for a Vita release as well.”

Indies Met Challenges, Learned Lessons In 2012 (Gamasutra)
“Recently, I spoke to a number of well-known independent game developers to find out if they too shared the sense that this has been an extraordinary year for indie games. Part of that conversation focused on the lessons other small teams might learn, as indie games move from niche to mass-market, via digital distribution hubs on consoles, mobile and PC. What have they learned this year as they strove to get their games noticed? How have they been able to find success?”

Holly Jolly Pyromaniac: A Christmas Game With Villainous Spirit (Polygon)
“Indie developer Underground Pixel is no stranger to gamemaking.Holiday Havoc and Pastry Panic, known for their retro, arcade play-style are proof of that. Fresh off its second Ludum Dare jam, the developer is proud to present its latest title: Holly Jolly Pyromaniac, a holiday-themed title brainstormed and built in just 72 hours.”

Review: La Mulana (Re-Release) (Indie Game Reviewer)
“La-Mulana is a room-based side-scrolling Metroidvania adventure game released in 2012 by EnjoyUp for the Wii. This Indiana Jones-inspired action title is a remake of the 2005 game of the same name by the same developers: GR3 project with updated graphics and ‘decreased difficulty,’ as the original was notoriously unforgiving. While at first this seems like another cash grab by a developer doing the whole ‘HD’ remake thing that was so popular in 2012, they actually bring some improved and interesting new features to the title, one of which is support for XBOX 360 controllers (PC). It doesn’t sound like much, but the feature adds a lot to the game’s playability and shifts it from a keyboard-mashing platformer to a smoother experience, though unfortunately it inherits all of the original’s control issues.”