Indie Developer Creating ‘Pokemon3D’ And It’s Exactly What It Sounds Like


Most of us have played at least one of the original Pokémon games for the Game Boy. Even if you have not, it’s hard to go by without recognizing the charming sprites from these great games. The chunky retro music brings back recollections of intense duels between those small monsters and the travel routes we’ve committed to memory from the countless hours of exploration. A young indie developer from Germany known as nilllzz, is bringing Pokémon Gold/Silver in a way quite unexpected.


Pokémon3D is a three-dimensional rendering of the original Gold and Silver game boy games complete with LAN co-operative play. Pokémon3D is currently in version 0.23 with the daycare system in place, auto-saving, and a completed Route 34 all recently added in.


It’s clear that there is a lot of work left to go, but the concept and execution are compelling enough to warrant your attention now. Being able to play co-op Pokémon and explore the world with a partner is many a gamer’s dream from the Game Boy era. It seems that soon this dream will become a reality.

The visual style looks as if it’s been ripped straight off of a game cartridge or rom and directly placed in a 3D environment. You can visit the official IndieDB page or nilllzz‘s tumblr page to learn more and try out a copy of the free alpha-build. It’s in a launcher format so you can easily keep your version up to date.