InDepth with IGM: Fract OSC


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In our inaugural episode of InDepth with IGM, we take a look at what makes Fract OSC tick. This musical exploration game has a lot to discover and a lot to unfold as we traverse its bass heavy, thumping landscapes and vistas. Join us as we figure out just why this game is such a success, and why we think you’ll agree with us!

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This Segment: Fract: OSC
Host: Nick Cescon (@Avg_Gmr)
Original Air Date: May 6, 2014

A gamer since the tender age of four, Nick's first console was his Atari 2600, which sparked a passion in his life that has been as of yet unmatched. Closely following the gaming industry since the early '90s has been a hobby-turning career as a writer for IGM while studying Journalism at Mount Royal University. He loves ranting about his own thoughts and opinions about gaming and the industry surrounding it @Avg_Gmr