Independent By Design Takes Gamers Behind the Scenes of Popular Developer Studios

Stepping away from video games and into the world of print media, freelance writers Stace Harman and John Robertson have launched a Kickstarter project to fund a new book titled Independent by Design. The two authors share years of writing experience from notable publications like IGN, Gamer Network, and Guinness World Records, and now seek to provide an intimate look at what development life is like for some of the most popular indie developers.

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Independent by Design is a 240+ page hardcover book which feature interviews and in-depth analyses of several reputable indie game developers and studios. 11 bit studios (This War of Mine), The Chinese Room (Dear Esther), Failbetter Games (Sunless Sea), and Subset Games (FTL) are just some of the featured groups. Harman and Robertson intend to elucidate the motivations and inspirations of many acclaimed indie titles for their readers, through personal interviews with the developers themselves.

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Each section will include extensive multi-page spreads that include graphics, gameplay screenshots, concept art, or original photography related to the featured studio. Beyond the developer profiles, standalone interviews will also be included with such figures as Devolver Digital’s Graeme Struthers and USC Games professor and former Lead Game Designer at Naughty Dog, Richard Lemarchand. The Kickstarter campaign is seeking a little over $30,000, and offers backers their own copy of the book along with a benefactor credit starting at the $39 pledge level.

For a complete listing of the studios that will be represented, as well as additional details pertaining to the materials used for printing, make sure to visit the Independent by Design Kickstarter campaign, Facebook page, or Twitter account.

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