‘Incredipede’ Now Even More Incredible

incredipede Screenshot 02

Incredipede has been out for a few months now after its release late last year. I even reviewed the release version here and did really enjoy the game as it offers physic based puzzles in a new and fun manner.

Although I am sure some of you managed to miss this awesome puzzle game as it was not original released on Steam… Until now. Today marks the release of Incredipede onto Steam and this release brings with it a whole bunch of new features and game tweaks to keep people busy.

Over the past few months Colin Northway has been keeping an eye on the game and trying to find out ways to tweak it, just to better suit what people want. After several months of added work Colin Northway has finally decided to bring Incredipede to Steam, after Incredipede got accepted due to it becoming a finalist in the Independent Game Festival 2013.

In Incredipede you take command of a Quozzle, a creature able to grow limbs at will. It is with her unique ability and your dexterity that you must learn to over come the many levels that lay ahead of you to reunite her with her family.

The story is quite the sad one but moves along at a reasonable pace throughout the game. The game has very strong gameplay and is a lot of fun being something quite different to the norm and innovating a fair amount. Along side the fantastic gameplay however the art is truly fantastic and has been one of the key features in Incredipede’s success.

The cut wood art style is great and really does offer some stunning visuals throughout the game, really adding depth to the game.

XX incredipede SS01

Today marks Incredipede finally being released onto Steam and to mark this occasion the game is currently 33% off on Steam. Be sure to check out the official Incredipede site for more information. Incredipede can be purchased via Steam, GOG or the official site.

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