Incredible Toys Combines Runner, Tower Defense and RPG in a Single Game

Toys haven’t been alive in popular media since Toy Story 3, but in Incredible Toys, by Udo Games, they will not only live, but also fight against a horde of evil enemy toys to safeguard their land. The game is described as a blend between infinite runners and tower defense, with some RPG elements to spice things up.


The three-lane system in which two of the toy heroes will run while fighting the enemies is reminiscent of the setup of Plants vs. Zombies, but in a more dynamic way, where the heroes are constantly moving between lines and running forward at the same speed as their foes. The main goal is to not let the evil toys pass through the heroes’ defenses.

RPG elements like skills, gold, upgrades and powerful items will aid the player in combat. Some in-game quests can be done to gather more experience and gold to evolve the team faster and strengthen the defenses. All of these upgrades are available for any of the five heroes, although players are only allowed to use two per level. They can choose between a Ninja, Mage, Healer, Rogue, and Warrior.


Incredible Toys is already available for iOS and Android devices through the App Store and Play Store, priced at $0.99. Further information about the game can be found at their official website, as well as on Twitter.

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