In Space We Brawl Coming to PlayStation Consoles

Forge Reply, an indie developer based in Milan, Italy, has revealed that their upcoming game In Space We Brawl is being released exclusively to the Sony PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 platforms. The developer is the creator of popular indie titles including Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf, Vikings Can Fly!, and the Master of Alchemy games. Their projects are usually released for PC, Mac, and mobile devices, so the foray into PS3 and PS4 territory is a new and exciting venture for the developer.


In Space We Brawl is a cosmic shooter which takes players to intergalactic battlegrounds, where they select from eleven different spaceships and weapon attachments before entering combat with up to three other players in a fight to the finish. With more than one hundred potential combinations of ships and weapons, players can find the one that best suits their style. Local multiplayer action allows you to challenge your friends, and the challenge is enhanced by various environmental space hazards. Can you race through solar winds, avoid the black holes, or trick your opponent into disturbing an alien nest?

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to be launching In Space We Brawl exclusively on the PlayStation platforms,” said Alessandro Mazzega, head of PR and Marketing for Forge Reply. “In Space We Brawl brings back the classic couch multiplayer that we think players will really identify with. We’ve been testing the game in the streets all over Europe, and the feedback has been incredible. We look forward to releasing more details soon and getting In Space We Brawl into the hands of players all over the world.”


Watch the official In Space We Brawl website for the release announcement, as well as blog posts about the development process. You can also follow the game’s progress on its official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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