Impatient Squirrel Scampers onto iOS devices

Developed in conjunction with the ‘Creative England’ Games Lab program, Impatient Squirrel is a 2D endless runner that is packed with sixty thrilling puzzles and exquisite hand drawn environments. Players take control of a ravenous squirrel who is determined to reach his acorn at all costs, and must slide across branches and solve the puzzles at hand before Impatient Squirrel can fill his belly.

Some puzzles will be more difficult than average, potentially requiring the use of magical nuts, which can be bought to help out in any such problematic situation. Impatient Squirrel comes with custom music and sound effects, and is free to play but does feature in-game advertisements and in-app purchases, the latter of which can be used to remove in-game advertisements with just a single purchase. There are also ‘nut bundles’ available for purchase, where £2.00 of the sale of each “RSST Bundle” will go to the Red Squirrel Survival Trust, a national charity that was established to ensure both the conservation and protection of the red squirrel in the UK.

impatient squirrel

If you just can’t wait to get your hands on Impatient Squirrel, make haste and download it today from the App Store for free. What do you think about Impatient Squirrel? Do we need more games featuring squirrel protagonists? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more details on the game, you can follow +AsDesigned Games on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

A keen retrogamer who grew up playing classics like Prince of Persia, Aladdin, and Diddy Kong Racing, Katrina believes that digital games are not just fun, but a great way to learn. These days she enjoys studying Japanese language acquisition, and designing her own games.