Imagine Me Enters Early Access

Imagine that. Today, developer KinifiGames released their early access build of Imagine Me. The game is a 2D adventure platformer that tells the story of a young boy named Robbe. Well, what little he can remember anyway. Robbe has lost his memory through mysterious circumstances, and it’s the player’s job to help him embark on a journey through the dark and nightmarish world, in an attempt to reclaim his fragmented memories.

Imagine Me was originally funded on Kickstarter back in 2011. During it’s three-year development period, KinifiGames Co-founder Christopher Figueroa had to manage his AAA work for Activision, as well as graduate school. Now, he’s fully dedicated to Imagine Me and continuously pushing updated builds. The latest build, titled “#EffluentEmu“, adds a statistic page to track progress; including the number of deaths by traps, total number of jumps, and one based on an in-game joke known as “The Cat One”. The next build is said to include randomized dungeons, and will roll out on April 1.

ImagineMeOut now as an early access alpha, Imagine Me has an introductory sale price of $7.49 from today through March 21. It is available for purchase via Steam or the Humble Store. The game will eventually release on Wii U as well. Details can be found on the official website.

I admittedly haven’t spent as much time with the game as I would like to. But my first impression is that it is challenging, but fair; which is actually high praise for an action platformer. Controls are responsive and the dozen or so story levels I played through were laid out well, so any resulting deaths always felt like they were my own fault. It’s a great feeling to accomplish a previously-failed task through practice and reliable game mechanics, as opposed to “hoping the game works right”, and Imagine MeĀ certainly does work right.

Vinny Parisi graduated from the Ramapo College of New Jersey with a degree in Journalism. No stranger to the industry, Vinny first picked up an NES controller at the tender age of two-years-old and hasn't stopped gaming since. RPG and Action-adventure are his genres of choice, but there isn't much he hasn't played. His thoughts and shenanigans are displayed for all the world to see @Vincent_Parisi