‘Ildefonse’ A New Atmospheric Horror Out This Month


Next week will mark the release of Ildefonse a brand new horror game that takes inspiration from the great horror seen in Japanese, Korean and Spanish movies. Hopefully basing the game off these very original and different horror markets to the usual Hollywood market we will see some rather creepy and inspired scenes within the game.

The story is set in 1977 as you play a lawyer hired to collect the testament papers in a house, a house which saw a massacre back in the 1930s carried out by Mr Ildefonse. After his wife left with their children Mr Ildefonse lost his mind and grief struck went on a killing spree before committing suicide.

Ildefonse looks to be a very atmospheric game that will instil a great deal of fear into the player as you move through this creepy old house plagued with its grizzly past. This atmosphere is presented in a number of interesting ways including light attenuation when the torch gets turned off, dynamic footsteps, sound reverb dependant on room, hallucinations and the player’s fear factor.

With so many horror games constantly being released it can be difficult to make your game stand out from the crowd and actually do something a little different. Ildenfonse sounds to be taken in an interesting new direction drawing inspiration from the horrors seen in the east that I have found to generally add a great deal to the horror genre overall.

Ildefonse is almost finished and is scheduled for release on March 15th of this year and is intended to be free for all, however you can of course show your support for the project and donate to the developer. To find out more about Ildefonse head over to the IndieDB page (as the official site is down).

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