iHorse Racing 2 is Mobile Thoroughbred

Gamemiracle Co. Ltd. is the creator of iHorse Racing, a racing game which received considerable acclaim in the developer’s native Hong Kong. Since 2013, iHorse Racing has taken gamers inside the world of horse racing on multiple platforms. As of this past July, they have also launched iHorse Racing 2, a mobile app available in English for the worldwide market.


In iHorse Racing 2, players take on the role of a trainer who is seeking to raise, train, and manage a stable full of prize winning horses. This includes customizing the look of the horses and their jockeys, down to designing the colors which will represent the stable and strategizing the training in order to maximize each horse’s potential to become a champion. The game features a database containing more than six hundred different horses and jockeys, including the 2015 Triple Crown champion American Pharoah.


The game consists of both single-player and multiplayer options. Multiplayer allows for head-to-head┬ácompetition as players join or create race clubs with other players worldwide, competing in club championships; they can trade horses with other players as well. In single-player mode, the player character embarks on a World Tour, doing their best to defeat AI trainers and claim impressive victories. For those players who aren’t feeling up to competing on a given day, iHorse Racing 2 also includes a comprehensive betting system; they can give their own horses a day in the pasture, and instead watch races from the sidelines and place wagers on the performance of other players’ horses.


iHorse Racing 2 is a free mobile app, with optional in-app purchases. It can be found in the Google Play Store and the App Store, and is available in English and Chinese (both simplified and traditional). Players can join the mobile racing community at the iHorse Racing Facebook page.

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