Igneos: The Last Phoenix Rises On Kickstarter

“Aerial Combat Adventure” is an amalgam of words that has become a sub-genre all to itself. Recently stepping into the spotlight on the indie scene, flight-sim type games are on the rise. Igneos: The Last Phoenix combines aerial combat with adventure game mechanics that look to form an attractive, scenic cruise through an original game world.

Igneos takes players back to the days of solid platformers that threw us through the rings on those flight levels, collecting tokens and solving dungeon puzzles. This wouldn’t be such a difficult task if the title character Pharos wasn’t under constant attack by Crows, Carrion, and Reavers. Not to worry however, there’s plenty in the old bird’s arsenal to deal with them, like the Flame Charge, Grapple, and Fire Storm abilities. Flame Charge is what it sounds like, players can charge it up and watch their adversaries burn! Grappling allows Pharos to grab crows, peck them, or light them up and toss them out as flaming projectiles. Fire Storm is a technique that requires a certain amount of energy to be stored first, before unleashing a volcanic rage.


The game is currently on Kickstarter, where the development team at BearInMind Games is hoping to raise $40,000 CAD in order to fund the project. For those who like to test-drive projects before choosing to pledge their dollar support, there’s a free demo that offers a taste of what the mechanics are all about. Already Greenlit on Steam, Igneos is looking to upgrade to the Unreal engine before launching, with no current release date planned. Additional information can be found on Facebook and IndieDB.

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  • Kevin Fishburne

    This is a neat-looking game, although I can see there are still some serious camera issues that need addressing. It’s been around for a while now; I remember watching demonstration videos like the one here several months ago. I don’t know if this is their second Kickstarter run or what.

  • Kevin Fishburne

    Actually I just read this near the bottom of their Kickstarter page:

    “We originally made ‘The Last Phoenix’ in 2012 as a four-month student project. After we finished the game, we put it up on Steam Greenlight just to see if people would like the game. Thanks to enthusiastic fans, we saw the game shared across Let’s Plays, tumblr, and Indie portals. With this community passion, we were able to get the game Greenlit on Steam. Now we’re able to actually revisit the game and make the changes we didn’t have time or resources to make before.”

    So there you have it. :)