IGM’s Week-Long Developer Contest – May 3rd!

The Indie Game Magazine and IndieGameStand have teamed together, and are proud to announce the first ever IGM Developer Competition! Between May 3rd and May 10th, any one signed up for the IGM Community forums will be able to participate in a contest to create small games that fit our theme. The best entries will be featured in a game bundle at IndieGameStand for a “pay what you want” price, with proceeds going to a soon-to-be-announced charity.

We will announce a theme on May 3rd, and the developers will start work on their prototypes on May 6th!

This is a great time for us at The Indie Game Magazine, and we look forward to seeing what everyone is capable of creating! If you are interested in learning more, why not introduce yourself and ask whatever questions you have over on our forums.

But I can’t do <insert development aspect> How can I enter?

People are looking for someone like you! We have a team building thread where plenty of people are posting what their skills are, and what they need. So post your own skills, and send whoever a message to ask about a team effort!

I have a great idea for a game I’ve been meaning to make. Do you think it will fit the theme?

It might! The theme is still a mystery, but if you are able to justify it to us when you submit your entry, that’s fine with me.

Where do I sign up?

Just post in this thread to let us know you’re interested. We need a proper tally of people who want to join the contest so we can plan properly.

I’m so excited now!

Not as much as us!

Sam loves supporting the indie game community. Come talk to him in our forums, or on Twitter @IndieSamAdonis

  • Well, it sounds cool but what exactly are you winning except to give away a week’s work? Not really a contest so much as a jam.

  • Sam Adonis

    100% to charity. We’ll announce which charity on the forums once we have it confirmed.