IGM StreamTeam Spotlight: Kino

IGM Presents… The StreamTeam Spotlight! In this weekly webseries, we invite members of our IGM GamePlay StreamTeam to come and join us while we get up to hijinx in our favorite indie game! Come watch (and “follow”) the show live on our Hitbox channel every Wednesday night at 9:00pm EDT: http://www.hitbox.tv/IndieGameMagazine

This week we meet up with Kino, a good friend of the IGM team and aspiring game developer! We had a great couple of conversations while playing a few rounds of Awesomenauts, Kino’s been with the stream team for a few months now and has been thriving on Hitbox, he’s one of the nicest streamers we’ve had the opportunity of chatting with and he’s just completed the Ludum Dare competition! Want to find out more? Click the video to see for yourself.

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This Segment: Awesomenauts
Guest Streamer: Kino
Original Air Date: May 1, 2014