IGM Staff’s Top Picks From Recent Greenlight Batch


If you missed it, earlier this week 100 games were announced to have been accepted through the Steam Greenlight program. One, hundred, games. That’s a lot of content to go through.

While every game on the list has been selected based on its merit, obviously we all have some in particular we’re happy to see included on the list. To help you discover some of what we feel are the best games on that list, I present to you a list of some of our favorites.



“Pixelscopic’s Delver’s Drop has been on my radar since it blew up on Kickstarter last February. When I got my hands on the game in March, my excitement for the game’s release continued to grow. The beautiful artistic style and the flowing gameplay, combined to create one very fun experience. I’m glad that the devs will be able to release Delver’s Drop on Steam, ensuring that thousands of others get to try out this beautiful little indie game.”  – Tom

Delver’s Drop is expected to release later this year.



“Taking lessons from the best, Saibot’s Doorways promises to be a methodical exploration into terror. Using keen atmosphere and unreal world-shifting gameplay, this game certainly deserves its spot on the Greenlit list. While it is still in beta, the first few moments of the game are available and I was on edge during the entire experience. I urge all of you to look at the full list, and browse through it. With one-hundred games to go through, there is surely something for everyone.” – Robert



“When I got to preview Teslagrad awhile back, I was really impressed with the obvious attention to detail and love that was going into the game’s development. I’m a sucker for steampunk, but more than that, the visual storytelling element really tickled my imagination. It’s great to see it on the list; hopefully a full release will manifest itself in the near future (the sooner, the better!).” – Kim



“The premise of Influx is simple: roll a ball from point A to point B. Between point A and B are challenging puzzles and and overall incredibly relaxing experience that practically mesmerized me. I had a lot of fun just rolling around and exploring Influx’s world, and the puzzles (while not typically my cup of tea), were clever enough to keep me coming back for more.” – Tom



The Plan is a self-described little experiment of a game which explores death, contemplation, and what may or may not come afterward. Rarely has such a simple and short game given me so much to think about. I am excited to see that The Plan has arrived on Steam so that many others can enjoy this casual excursion into deep water.” – Robert

IGM's Editor in Chief. Particularly enjoys games that let him break things. You can reach him at or on Twitter: @tomscott90