IGM October Issue 42 Sneak Peek – Morphinominal

It’s time for the October issue of the Indie Game Magazine! While we don’t have too many tricks up our sleeve for all the costumed, candy-seeking kids out there, we do have some treats this month. Admittedly, they don’t taste as good as a frozen Milky Way or Twix bar, though. In fact, don’t try to eat the Magazine at all, kids. Forget I said anything.

This month features Chroma Squad: Indie Sentai Studio, the new title from Behold Studios, a small team also known for the popular Knights of Pen and Paper management game. With Chroma Squad, they’re looking to perfect their management formula by incorporating their familiar brand of geek culture references, mixed into a turn-based combat game featuring a ton of customization options. Including your very own Mecha. That’s right, you can customize your own giant fighting robot to combat the forces of evil. As per usual, below you’ll find this month’s preview, along with a snippet from our Cover Story. You’ll also notice the free preview is a bit longer this month, and that’s because the Magazine has expanded a bit. Same low price, now packed with more content! See? I told you that we had some treats for you…

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Behold’s decision to create a sentai game within the management genre, one that also blends turn-based combat into the mix, seems a bit odd at first thought. The shows are all so heavily focused on making a spectacle of combat, utilizing enough colorful explosions and over the top choreography to over-stimulate even Michael Bay’s desensitized mind, that anything other than an action RPG, beat ’em up, or fighting game sounds like a strange deviation from the source material. But the team found a way to stick to what they know, quality management games with a flair for meta-language, and still stay true to the sentai formula. They accomplished this by deciding to make Chroma Squad a game about creating your own sentai TV show. After a group of stuntmen and stuntwomen quit their jobs at a mainstream sentai-producing TV channel, it’s now the player’s job to help the ragtag group form their own indie sentai studio. Everything from pre-production, to recording an episode, to airing it for the world to see is included in the experience.

One of the unique aspects of Chroma Squad that further engages players on a management level is the in-game Marketing system. While serving as the player’s resource management system, Marketing plays a pivotal role in helping the upstart studio begin the cyclical process of expanding their production capabilities and broadening their fanbase. As Game Designer Mark Venturelli explains, “You can make a contract with a Marketing agency (the game already has more than 20 of those!), and it can last a week or a longer period of time. During that time, they will handle your marketing, which means that you get some unique passive bonuses to your recordings, as well as a different way to channel your Audience into resources. For example, a more indie-type agency will convert most of your Audience to fans, while a big PR company will convert Audience to money.”

Below you’ll find this month’s Back Cover, along with a list of the featured content for October:

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