IGM Live


Welcome to the Indie Game Lounge! Kick back, relax, and enjoy a conversation with fellow Game devs and Indie Game fans while watching some live streams. If you’d like to join the lounge, all we ask is that you play nice and abide by our hitbox chat rules (listed below). We’ve got our official IGM hitbox channel stream embedded here, so you can watch some live streams, and take the chat to social media too by following us on Twitter. (Details about our live showtimes can be found on our hitbox channel as well.) Let’s have a good time!



– Keep it PG-13. We want to accommodate gamers of all types and ages. Try not to swear, and those who are vulgar will be issued a singular warning. Upon a repeat offense, they will be timed out and informed of a potential ban if the problem happens again. If a third incident does occur, the user will banned.
– We have a zero tolerance policy towards bullying/harassment. If anyone steps out of line in regards to hate speech, bullying, or harassment, they will be timed out immediately, and warned that a second offense will result in a ban.