IGM Introduces Indie Gameplay


Yesterday we spoke about IGM’s new initiative to help raise awareness about great indie content, and the first step was to give developers a space to introduce their games. Building off of that, today IGM is proud to introduce our latest addition to our growing network: Indie GamePlay. GamePlay is designed to provide what we’re calling “the indie game experience”, and to help the indie community grow by taking advantage of the major surge in popularity of live-streaming. To literally quote our mission statement, “The idea of Gameplay is simple: Take the one area where the indie games industry is most severely underdeveloped – reaching a wide audience – and create a space where we as a community can improve the situation. The indie game experience is one of the most exciting things to be a part of; from pulling back the curtain to see how projects come to life in a development stream, to catching the latest #ScreenshotSaturday, to watching your favorite Lets Players tackle a fresh new game, there are so many ways to become a part of this community. We’re all in this together, so why not pool our collective efforts into something that benefits everyone involved? That is why Gameplay exists.”

Any and all who stream indie games are welcome to Join the StreamTeam. We support streams from both Twitch and Hitbox, and our audience will be treated to 24/7 content ranging from Lets Plays, to developer-hosted game development streams, to some pretty amazing community events that we’ll be rolling out in the very near future. Basically, if you want to get first looks and behind-the-scenes early access to the latest and greatest indie game content straight from the source, or just enjoy watching streams of your favorites Lets Players tackling indie games, GamePlay is the only place to be.

If you’re a streamer or developer, you’ll want to read this to learn about all the great incentives we offer for joining our team. We all love playing games, and indie games are some of the most creative, fresh experiences on the market, so why not have our own space where the community can interact and engage while still satisfying our craving for gameplay? GamePlay is that space. If you want to get the full scoop about everything that’s going on, be sure to follow us @Indie_GamePlay and check out BlogPlay, where we’ll be posting news about upcoming events, new features rolling out soon, and much more. Come play some indie games with us!

Vinny Parisi graduated from the Ramapo College of New Jersey with a degree in Journalism. No stranger to the industry, Vinny first picked up an NES controller at the tender age of two-years-old and hasn't stopped gaming since. RPG and Action-adventure are his genres of choice, but there isn't much he hasn't played. His thoughts and shenanigans are displayed for all the world to see @Vincent_Parisi