IGM Game Builds – 3 For Free (Lethal League, Rubble N Strafe, Barony)

3ForFreeWelcome to 3 For Free,  a series where we take a look at indie projects early in development. The good news for fans is that if you see something interesting here, there will be a playable public build to test out for yourself. Keep in mind, most of these games will be very early in development, so they are not representative of the final, finished product. We hope you enjoy!

Lethal League


Lethal League is a highly competitive 2D projectile fighting game that’s not for the weak. With great looking art and nice beats, the goal of the game is to launch a ball into your enemy and get a K.O. Imagine if a dodgeball and baseball had an ass-kicking baby, and you get Lethal League.

It’s a simple, addictive game that can quickly become very competitive, while retaining that essential fun-factor. In some ways it’s reminiscent of Divekick, with it’s simplistic design, addictive gameplay and high-stakes one hit kills.

The full game is due for release in Q4 on Steam and will feature a choice of characters and 4 player matches. The Prototype can be played through a browser and is well worth checking out, just make sure you turn up the volume to fully appreciate the excellent in game music.

Rubble N Strafe

rubble-n-strafeRubble N Strafe is an addictive side-scrolling arcade helicopter game with some wonderful pixel art and fast paced gameplay inspired by Harrier Attack.

After you’ve chosen your helicopter (Rubble or Strafe), you set forth into a 2D procedurally generated pixelated battle-zone, blowing up things to an excellent soundtrack reminiscent of John Carpenter scores. As in the old classic Chopper (NOT Flapppy bird – this is definitely NOT a Flappy Bird clone), you constantly travel forward, using the left mouse button to fly higher, and the right mouse button to drops bombs.

You then machine gun, bomb, and rocket your way through an infinite horde of enemy troops, completing missions, blowing up buildings, terrain, aircraft and boats, all the while collecting ammo and fuel so you don’t run out. Complete missions and keep your chopper in the air for as long as possible and you’ll earn a place on the online leaderboard. It’s an addictive, action packed piece of retro arcade action, full of destruction and pixelated carnage.

Download the PC Beta through and get the Android Beta via the Google Play Store.


134739f7407f3bef5644dc571ea72f7c_largeBarony is a retro first-person dungeon crawler RPG, featuring cooperative multiplayer, roguelike elements and real-time action. Inspired by Ultima Underworld, System Shock, and Dagerfall, in Barony you travel through the vast subterranean complex known as the Devil’s Bastion, on a mission to kill the evil Lich, Baron Helix.

You’ll make your way through procedurally generated levels filled with a diverse array of friends, foes and challenges. Creatures are driven by needs (food, sleep, water, etc.) and all have their own personalities. Some creatures would beat you to death for their own amusement, while others prefer only to be left alone.

You have a choice of 10 character classes, from Barbarian to Joker, each with their own skills and bonuses, but are still able to master any skill with enough practice. Don’t get too attached to your character though, the permadeath system means that when you’re dead, you’re dead, although there’s plenty of loot and equipment to collect that will give you a fighting chance.

You can download the Alpha through the official website and back the game on its Kickstarter page