IGM Game Builds – 3 For Free

3ForFreeWelcome to 3 For Free,  a series where we take a look at indie projects early in development. The good news for fans is that if you see something interesting here, there will be a playable public build to test out for yourself. Keep in mind, most of these games will be very early in development, so they are not representative of the final, finished product. We hope you enjoy!

Cyber Heist

Cyber-HeistCyber Heist is an innovative, award winning co-operative stealth/hacking game that allows a hacker and a thief to work together to erase all student debts from the corrupt United States Department of Education of 2114.

The asymetric gameplay of Cyber Heist is superb, with both players having completely different experiences, but working together to achieve the same goals. One player plays as a hacker, viewed from a 2D top-down view, rerouting power to unlock doors, revealing sensitive information and providing intel. The second player takes on the role of the thief, viewed from a 3D first-person perspective using stealth, skill and intel from the hacker to avoid drone detection, recover passwords, and dupe the security detection system.

Cyber Heist is a game where co-operation really matters, more so than almost any other co-op game. You can visit the Official Website and Sign-Up to be notified when Beta testing begins, and download the award-winning prototype free through Desura.

Time Rifters

time-riftersTime Rifters is a very clever single-player, first-person shooter co-op game where ‘time rifts’ allow you to be your own team mates. Each time you play through a level, all of your actions are recorded and reproduced for the next playthrough, even the weapon upgrades. You can do this 4 times, allowing you to play as 4 independent time clones, working together (with yourself) to complete the levels. It’s a fantastic premise and works really well once you’ve wrapped your head around the concept, and really does force you to co-ordinate attacks with yourself.

The game also looks fantastic, with it’s minimalistic futuristic world and voxel based enemies that can be destroyed piece by piece. It’s also available on Oculus Rift, for a completely immersive experience. You can download an extensive Alpha demo through the Official Website, with versions available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


DamnatioDamnatio is a chaotic, 2D multiplayer shooter with fully destructible environments, lots of weaponry, some very cool remote controlled machines, and support for up to 32 players in one map. It also features different game modes, bots, a replay system, and persistent statistics. The deadly remote-controlled machines deserve a special mention, with you able to pilot choppers, predators, death orbs, and mini dragons around the battlefield. Also, the fully destructible terrain offers some unique strategies, with you able to dig tunnels and build traps for your opponents.

Damnatio works very well; it’s like Worms, but with 32 players and battles happening in real-time, and it’s every bit as chaotic and fun as that sounds. Alpha testing has just opened up for the game, and the dev promises to give every Alpha tester who leaves useful feedback a mention in the credits.  You can download the Windows, Mac, and Linux versions of the Alpha through the Official Website.