IGM Game Builds – 3 For Free

3ForFreeWelcome to the third installment of 3 For Free,  a series where we take a look at indie projects early in development. The good news for fans is that if you see something interesting here, there will be a playable public build to test out for yourself. Keep in mind, most of these games will be very early in development, so they are not representative of the final, finished product. We hope you enjoy!

Anarchy Arcade

sm_orchard0005Anarchy Arcade allows you to build a fully functional arcade with your Steam library (and other non-Steam games).  You can customize the Arcade as you like, with pictures/posters, props, furniture, movies, internet pages, internet radio, YouTube videos, and various types of arcade cabinets.

The customization options are incredible, and you can put any media onto anything you can think of (once unlocked); you can play Starcraft on a Game Boy, watch a movie from a tablet, Play GTA IV on an N64, and so much more. There’s even huge amount of emulator support, so you can play classic SNES games on a SNES through Anarchy Arcade. You probably won’t play them as you’ll be too busy making your arcade look awesome, but you CAN play them; in Anarchy Arcade you can play anything.  Download the prototype through GameJolt.

Tricone Lab


Tricone Lab is a fun puzzle game where each level is a microscopic multicellular organism. You must utilize the different resources within the cell to create a substance called Tricone. This starts off very easily, but soon gets tougher as more catalysts and molecules are introduced, creating complex logic puzzles that require some experimentation.

The graphical style is pleasingly simple, with each multicellular organism reacting to your actions, and a fun, organic way of combining resources. Tricone Lab has a pick up and play quality that makes it great for short bursts of puzzle gaming – a fun organic puzzler that rewards lateral thinking.  Download the Alpha through the Official Website, and if you like it you can vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

Chaos Reborn

Chaos-RebornChaos Reborn is a great looking tactical turn-based strategy game from Julian Gollop – an original creator of XCOM and one of the godfathers of turn based strategy. Part sequel, part re-imagining of the original ZX Spectrum game ChaosChaos Reborn takes the original formula and builds on it, updating it for the modern day. It’s a battle between wizards, with each player in control of one wizard, using a variety of summons and spells to defeat the other wizards and be declared the winner.  It’s easy to pick up, but offers lots of depth, with plenty of strategic options and opportunity for bluff and deception.

It’s still early in development, but even the prototype of Chaos Reborn is a thoroughly enjoyable turn-based arena warfare game, offering plenty tactical nuances and fun, fast paced matches. It’s great for short bouts of tactical, turn-based wizardry. Check out the Kickstarter page and play the prototype through a Unity supported browser