IGM Forum Finds: Under That Rain

Under That Rain, by Bad Tale Studios, is a point-and-click horror game that follows the adventures of André Lacroix, a social worker in Paris. Lacroix has just discovered a file on his desk that fills him with ire and curiosity – a child entrusted to his aunt in a large manor is the suspected victim of abuse. Rather than putting the file aside to be dealt with later, Lacroix runs out, into the rain, to find the child at the home of his caretakers. When he arrives, nothing is as expected, and he must figure out the secret of the manor while protecting his own life.


Under That Rain will include puzzles as well as timed events, and is designed in a pixelated style not unlike that of Lone Survivor. Bad Tale is currently running a fixed-funding IndiGoGo campaign for the game, in which their goal is €15,000 (approximately $17,655 USD). As of this article’s publication, the campaign has raised €195 and has 56 days remaining. The goal with this campaign is to finish the game by creating a more intricate storyline with the accompanying programming and animation required to fulfill that end. Self-sacrifice or selfishness? Hero or coward? These are the answers sought of the player by Under That Rain.


More information about Bad Tale Studios can be found on their Facebook. If you’d like to support the game, but are unable to do so financially, you can visit their Greenlight page and vote for it to be added to Steam upon completion. You can ask questions and interact with the developers directly on their original forum post.

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