IGM Forum Finds: Speedily Jump Through the City as Parkour Cat

titleSometimes there’s nothing like an endless runner to while away the minutes spent waiting for various events. The internet, being approximately 50% devoted to cats in some form, appreciates a good feline presence, as well. Put the two together, and a recipe for fun is born. Parkour Cat, by Jose Anzola, brings these elements to two mobile platforms: Android and iOS.

catsPlayers control their masked meowers by tapping on their screens to make them leap over gaps and obstacles. A fall will result in a life being lost, but never fear, because the cats in Parkour Cat have 9 lives. With a number of different characters to choose from, the game also offers a variety of levels and challenges. In addition, each feline has their own strengths and weaknesses to try and exploit for the player’s benefit. As an added challenge, the further a player is able to get in a level, the higher the speed of travel, thereby increasing the acuity of reflexes needed. For those who master the game, there are power-ups that can be purchased by the in-game coins (earned by getting high scores). Player leaderboards encourage competition from  players all over the world.

Parkour Cat is available for Android devices via Google Play, or for iOS through iTunes. For more information and screenshots, visit the original post on the IGM Forums.

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