IGM Forum Finds – Save The Cat Machine, Save the World

What if the world was run not by the natural processes taught in school, but by tiny cats on trains? What if the continued existence of the world depended on the upkeep of the contraption used to propel said cats? These are the questions posed by Crank Train’s new game, The Cat Machine, a logic puzzler similar to SpaceChem in which the objective is to take the cats to their correct destinations using the tools provided.

the cat machine 1

The game begins as the player is presented with a series of black tracks on different platforms, each running in a particular direction (clockwise or counterclockwise). The player’s task is to set up tracks with colors that match the cats traversing the map, while taking advantage of the locomotion provided by the platforms. The trick comes in laying out the tracks in such a manner as to ensure the lead cat is able to travel a track matching their color; after traveling on a matching track, the cat in front will fly away, leaving the next in line to be leader, and so on, until no cats are left. Once all of the cats have flown away to maintain the Earth’s orbital axis, the player moves on to the next puzzle. There are over 50 levels, with progressive difficulty, and The Cat Machine will be available on Mac, Windows, and Linux machines.

the cat machine 3

The Cat Machine is available for pre-order on Crank Train’s website, with a special tier for players to have their own cat programmed into the game as the train’s conductor. Vote for the game on Steam Greenlight, and follow along with production on Twitter. To see more information and screenshots, as well as to chat with the devs directly, be sure to visit the original forum post.

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