IGM Forum Finds: Riddle Grid, A Word-Search Brain-Teaser

From CKS Games comes Riddle Grid, a simple word-search game with multiple levels of difficulty. The player selects the difficulty they’d like to try, and is presented with a clue, a chance to get hints, and a large grid of letters. Similar to games like Bookworm and Spelltower, the aim is to drag your finger across the screen to select letters that connect to form a word; in this case, the word must be the answer to the riddle.

S0With casual, normal, hard, and fan-created categories (with up to 200 riddles per category), Riddle Grid seems to have plenty for the player to do. In the “casual” levels, the only letters shown in the grid are letters that are part of the answer. However, in harder levels, other letters are mixed in to make it much more difficult to guess the answer. You are timed, as well, and your score depends not only on getting the answer correct, but also on how quickly you figure it out, and whether or not you use the hints available. If you use a hint, you can only get a maximum of 2 stars as your rating, so it might pay to take a few more seconds to consider your options.

Riddle Grid is available for free in the Google Play and Amazon stores for Android, and the App Store for iOS.

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  • CKS

    Thank you for reviewing Riddle Grid, Bonnie!

  • Bonnie Burgette

    No problem! I’ve enjoyed playing it on my tablet. :-)