IGM Forum Finds: Rampage Knights – Cooperative Beat-’em-up with Treasure Hunting

A game by Rake in GrassRampage Knights is a beat-’em-up reminiscent of Castle Crashers (side-scrolling game with a 3/4-viewpoint allowing for more maneuverability),  but with a randomization feature inspired by The Binding of Isaac. The player begins the game as a hero with nothing of note on their person, stranded in the forest. You must follow the paths to a dungeon, where you will collect random power-ups, such as weapons, magic,and armor, and attempt to fight your way as far as you can to conquer the black magic that caused you to be defenseless in the first place. The enemies get progressively harder the further you go, and your appearance also changes as new abilities are added to your repertoire.


This melee fighting game (with a style inspired by Golden Axe) features either single-player or two-person co-op, though the Indiegogo campaign has a stretch goal to try to add more players (up to four). The method by which your character advances is similar to an RPG, with specializations and the like, and with shorter gaming sessions built in (with a maximum of 60 minutes per run), there is ample opportunity to try a multitude of characterizations and abilities. Even when you die, you can still continue to build a single character, which helps you unlock special abilities later in the game.


Special loot items include a boot that freezes enemies when you kick them (in the groin, according to the website), and a sword that drops a treasure chest when you’ve hit a certain number of enemies (this chest crushes whatever is underneath it, as well). Spells like fireballs and control of enemies are also possible, and with the wide variety of abilities through found items, etc., you have a nearly endless amount of variation to use on your character.

Rampage Knights is currently on Steam Greenlight, and if you’d like, you can try the downloadable demo. Follow Rake in Grass on Twitter, or like their Facebook page to keep updated on the game’s progress. You can also read about the game’s progress on the original IGM Forum post.

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