IGM Forum Finds: OWSP Imagines Disaster Survival

Sometimes, while looking through the IGM Forums, I find unfinished projects that look really interesting; this was the case with Ama’s LullabyThough today’s spotlight, OWSP (Open World Survival Project), is in Russian, that doesn’t take away from the quality of the work that they’ve accomplished, so far. PixelMate has been developing the game in Unreal Engine 4, and the attention to detail is pretty remarkable. The story they’re working with so far is that players are survivors after a massive disaster, and must utilize their skills and environment to survive whatever crosses their path.

creepy house

As of yet, the enemies have not been discussed, but the preview video above shows multiple players walking in the environment, suggesting that this will be a versus game between the player and NPCs, or even other players. The development thus far includes highly-detailed rendering of objects and characters, to produce the most life-like experience possible. There are mystical and paranormal events that will occur as well, keeping the player guessing and on alert at all times. PixelMate is using their forum post as a devblog, while also posting on IndieDB. Both of these platforms for discussion offer a lot of options for those who’d like to ask questions and find out more about the project, so if you’re curious and would like to discuss it directly, feedback is encouraged. You can also follow them on Twitter, where they have been posting videos and screenshots along the way.

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  • PixelMate Team

    Many thanks for the review!

    We have great news! Release on Steam Greenlight, it’s happened!

    Yes, it’s happened, and we are very happy!

    But are you glad? Are you ready to support the project on the Greenlight?

    Then, let’s go! PixelMate team will be very grateful to you!

  • Bonnie Burgette

    You’re quite welcome for the news coverage! Congratulations on getting your project on Greenlight, and I wish you the best of luck. :D