IGM Forum Finds: Not Without My Donuts – Cream-Filled Co-op

There’s no easy way to say this, particularly to Americans (we are very fond of our sweets), but Cupcake World is under attack. All of the sweet donuts and cupcakes residing there are being descended upon by flies and spiders, and only two cupcakes remain to defend the world from the onslaught. Not Without My Donuts, a Different Donut production, is a two-player co-op arcade game wherein players navigate platforms in different levels and rain bullet hell upon the creatures that destroyed their friends and threaten their breakfasts.


A portal has opened up and allowed these vicious creatures into Cupcake World, and while the other cupcakes attempted to escape through the same portal, they have not returned. The remaining donuts are under siege, which is where the players of this game come in. Jump, shoot, and work together to keep precious donuts from becoming bug food. With full Xbox 360 controller support, and availability for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Not Without My Donuts features 4 different scenarios with 4 levels of difficulty, unlockable weapons, and achievements (plus secrets!) throughout the levels. The game is currently seeking support on Greenlight, and users who buy it on Desura (release TBA) will be able to get a Steam key when the game is officially released. The price is set to be $2.99.


For more information, or to contact Different Donut, follow them on Twitter. You can check out the original forum post here, as well – be sure to leave a comment there if you’ve got any questions!

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