IGM Forum Finds – Lost Orbit

PixelNauts have been busy working on their Steam Greenlight campaign for upcoming summer release of Lost Orbit, where players take on the story of Harrison, a lowly janitor working on an ill fated, deep-space starship. When Harrison’s ship explodes, only you can help him find his way home from the far reaches.

You may remember PixelNauts from their PS4 release last year, Contrast, in which the player took the role of an imaginary figure named Dawn and got to play around with light and shadow in an expertly crafted, turn of the century French city and carnival. The attention to detail in Contrast set it apart in the indie community as one of the most unique and fun adventure games of 2013.


Lost Orbit promises to be just as rich, set in a setting filled with comedy, tragedy, wonder and death. Your part as Harrison takes place across 40 levels in 4 unique solar systems as you encounter increasingly difficult obstacles on your way home. Not to worry though, throughout the game you’ll be able to upgrade your own abilities as you see fit to give the game a good amount of lasting value as well as a bit of customization. All in all Lost Orbit promises to be a unique journey and exploration of both really cool looking deep-space vistas, and the human psyche surrounding desperation and determination.

Lost Orbit 4

┬áIf you’re interested in following up with the development process of this awesome looking game, make sure to check it out here on our forums!

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