IGM Forum Finds: Huemory Tests Your Eye for Color

Fast-paced memory-testing games are a popular genre on mobile devices, and Pixel Ape Studios has thrown their hat into the ring with Huemory. Players are presented with a pattern composed of a variety of colors, and must correctly identify all of the spots where one color appears, after the shapes go gray. Multiple power-ups and game modes present new challenges, making for a fresh experience (or a comfortable time-passer) each time.

mCaeEa6In standard arcade mode, once the pattern pops up onto the screen, players must decide quickly which color they’d like to memorize the positions for. Once they select the first shape of a color, all of the remaining pattern goes dark. The only way to progress to the next level is by correctly selecting all of the shapes of the chosen color. Power-ups include items such as a pill (which restarts the level), and additional levels, modes, and power-ups can be gained by completing a certain number of levels, or by earning tokens to spend in an in-game shop. Ambient music and sounds react with the gameplay to create a comfortable experience. There’s even a colorblind mode for inclusivity.

Huemory was released on June 1 on Google Play, and offers in-app purchases. Follow Pixel Ape on Twitter or Facebook for more information, and to find out when the app releases on other devices. Check out the original forum post for additional screenshots and information.

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