IGM Forum Finds – Grapes Issue

It’s time to make a large amount of very tasty grape juice through Equilibre Games’ first release, Grapes Issue. A simple and funny puzzle game set around physics and trap setting, this game aims to be simple and fun for phone and tablet devices.

In each level of Grapes Issue, a number of grapes (some ripe and some not) are jumping from one end of the level to the next. The player must set different trap barrels that drop many kinds of destructive items in order to allow the good grapes to get past the level safely, and to squash any of the bad grapes that could ruin your juice.

There are dozens of traps available to unlock and use with these animated and colorful grapes, allowing players to implement alternative strategies for each level. The game in general, with its peppy music and graphic sound effects, seems fun and cartoonish, and offers a simple gameplay system that players will likely find intuitive.

Grapes Issue is currently available on Google Play for Android devices, and Equilibre Games intends to import this game to iOS and Windows devices within the next month.

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