IGM Forum Finds: Go Inside Pete and Fix What No One Else Wants To

Pete is a man with a plan. That plan involves sitting around and avoiding any activity that involves pants. This seems like a pretty sweet way of going about things until you consider the ramifications of such behavior (or, as the case may be, the lack thereof). Pete’s health is failing, and the troops have been called in: A small suppository containing blood-cell boosters to help clear Pete of the ailments that affect his body and mind. Inside Pete tasks players with utilizing these troops in the most effective ways to help this classy beast to be able to show himself to the world, again.


System 32’s team is made up of a group of developers from Belgium who have been working for nearly 2 years on Inside Pete. As you can see from the very tasteful Kickstarter video above, Piet Dewijngaert, the team lead and game’s creator, is very passionate about the project, and is seeking funding from prospective fans to complete what is, frankly, a unique take on the tower defense genre. Players enter the main character, Pete, through the rear, and proceed up the colon while attacking diseases that are encountered. As progress is made, up to three types of blood cells (each with unique skills and strengths) are added to the player’s command. Combinations of these cells may be used to defeat enemies, and the best combinations are a matter of trial and error. Enemies include such delightful characters as a dolphin with a laser on its head, a hippo that propels itself with the power of flatus, and an arachnid saloon. While Inside Pete is still in Alpha, System 32 hopes that their Kickstarter (which has 17 days remaining) will help give it the extra push needed to drop the game onto mobile devices.

You must have thought I was joking.

You probably thought I was joking.

For more information, follow System 32 on Twitter, “like” them on Facebook, and check out their website, where you can also play the interactive story prologue. Dewijngaert has been very active on the IGM Forum, posting updates regularly. See them all, and ask questions, here.

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