IGM Forum Finds: Daily Espada is a Killer Game Show

What if your every wish (those that can be purchased, anyway) could be granted with a single task? Would you eschew this sort of “monkey’s paw,” or embrace it? Daily Espada is a game show that challenges in-game characters to compete for money and prizes, and only asks one thing in return: that Contestants fight and kill Brazilian mythical creatures. From the small, dog-like Bucica, to the enormous first boss, the Colonizer, developer Pidroh has created an action fighting game with some deep fears attached.


Every day, the players’ in-game family sits to watch the game’s namesake, a show called Daily Espada. As mentioned above, the game is played by fighting various creatures, until either the contestant dies, or they emerge victorious. With such a small chance of the latter, the show’s creators appear to have pulled out all the stops on the promises made to the contestants beforehand. Want a car? Fight the monsters. Need a new house? Fight the creatures. Covet a shopping spree at Versace? Fight the creatures. The answer to all of life’s problems appear to be a single act, but without special skills (gained through experience or prior kills), players will have a tough time accomplishing the task. Thankfully, there are energy attacks to help, including a backflip launch and rocket punch, which add some extra oomph.


Daily Espada started as an entry for Ludum Dare, and has since been accepted for Steam via Greenlight. While there are many updates due out before the impending Steam launch, if you’d like to experience the original version, it can be found on for $4.99. Follow Pidroh on Twitter for updates, or on the IGM Forums, where the developer has promised to post photos of the progress made.

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What do you think about Daily Espada? Do you like the concept? Are you looking forward to playing it? Leave us a comment below and tell us all about it!

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