IGM Forum Finds: Blast Underwater Aliens in Trench

Our IGM Forum Finds feature exists to give devs a chance to be featured here on our website, after they’ve posted their project (complete, or in the beginning stages) in our forums. Our latest Forum Find is from Howling HamsterTrench is a 2.5-D sidescrolling shooter with 360-degree action, strange creatures, and puzzles that require quick thinking and maneuvering.

trench 1A meteor has crashed to Earth and landed in the ocean – deep enough that only the main character, with their experience and deep-sea submarine, can retrieve the pieces. The trouble with this meteor isn’t that it landed, it’s that there are alien creatures spawning from the fragments scattered across the ocean floor. Players must collect the pieces while defeating these creatures using their tiny submarine. Along the way, wreckage will be salvaged in order to repair and upgrade the small vessel in order to more effectively (and quickly) navigate the treacherous terrain and changing landscape.

trench 2

Howling Hamster has made a demo of Trench available on Gamejolt for those interested in giving it a go. There is also a Steam Greenlight campaign, which is a nice way to give not only a vote for the game to appear on Steam, but to give the developers a vote of confidence in what they’re doing. Find out more information on Facebook, and follow Howling Hamster on Twitter for up-to-date information about development. For any questions or comments you’d like to make directly to the devs, check out their original forum post.

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