IGM Forum Finds: Alchemist Penguin Belly Slides into Action

A meteor has fallen and cut a penguin off from the rest of its species in the Antarctic tundra. In an ironic turn of events, this meteor has also awoken the dinosaurs, and they wish to reclaim the land they once ruled. Foot in the Box brings us our latest Forum Find, Alchemist Penguin, the stage on which this drama unfolds. Top-down shooting action accompanies 2D animation and a variety of game modes to give players plenty of dino-killing options.


Alchemist Penguin has a progressive difficulty where the initial dinosaur enemies come into the arena and merely chase the penguin. As the level progresses, the stakes get higher, and they begin to evolve their own weapons. Spears and other projectiles make way to explosives, and the player must upgrade their own weapons to match. Points come from both killing dinosaurs and collecting their bones. Power-ups such as extra health and ammo are dropped, as well as money for upgrades, and must be collected before they disappear. In the initial Archaeologist Mode, the waves of dinosaurs only stops when the player has died, so the longer the fight lasts, the more of the higher-level enemies players will know how to prepare for in other game modes.


Alchemist Penguin is currently on Steam Greenlight, and has been released on for $1.99 (there is also a free demo available). Check out Foot in the Box’s original forum post for more information, additional screen shots, and to interact with them directly.

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