IGM Forum Finds: Airship Bakery Adds Different Mechanic to Match Gaming

The standard rule for most matching games is to match three items in a row, usually by switching two items/squares that are next to each other. Some games add the extra option to switch diagonal spaces, but the fact is that you’re limited to one area of the board for opportunities to match any given line, and if your movement doesn’t make a match, the board resets itself. Airship Bakery takes it to a new level by allowing players to create matches using tiles/pieces from any other part of the board. See a potential 5-match combo, except there’s no cupcake in easy reach? No problem – grab the one on the opposite end and make your match. Be aware that like other match games, when you move a piece from one place, others must move in to fill the gap – this can either be an advantage or a challenge.

gameplayTorn Screen Games has released Airship Bakery for iOS and Android products for free, though in-app purchases are available. You begin each game by selecting an outfit (a baker’s got to look their best), and you travel across a number of different areas/towns to deliver baked goods to the residents. There is a timer to beat, and you must create a certain number of matches (which serve as the counter for desserts) before the clock runs out. You advance in level by completing each stage without running out of moves, before time runs out. The progression of levels is very similar to other games of this type, so the only thing to adjust to is the unique match mechanic.

Check out Airship Bakery on Twitter and Facebook, and be sure to visit the original forum post to leave feedback for Torn Screen Games.

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