IGM Forum Find – Veritas LCD

After scouring the forums for a game to cover, a retro mobile gem called Veritas LCD caught my eye. By caught my eye, I mean I couldn’t tear myself away from the uniquely modern take on a retro-styled game that looked like such nostalgic characters as Mr. Game and Watch were going to pop in for cuppa.


Veritas LCD is being described by the developer, BrainSkis, as the ‘first open-world LCD game’, in which the protagonist, Veritas, has to undertake an ‘epic journey to free his people from the clutches of the Dark Lord Moldark. To do this, players will need to travel across the four lands of the game, collecting 40 mysterious orbs that will grant them access to the lair of the Dark Lord. Only then will they be able to put an end to his dastardly doings.

Before you get to this pivotal moment, Veritas contains hours of non-linear adventure and exploration, dozens of puzzles, and more evil minions than you can shake a sword at – although that’s kind of the idea.


In addition, Veritas LCD is said to have modern music and artwork – or, presumably, a modern twist on nostalgically retro themes, art and music, and is set to come to Android devices later this month. The game is also planned to come to the App Store (if there is a demand for it), and a Steam version of the game is also said to be ‘a very real option’. Either way, April looks to be the month where ‘light conquers darkness’, and everything you need to know is here at IGM.