IGM Forum Find – The Eyes of Ara Have Awakened

Old places, strange technology, and puzzles have been staples of PC games since MYST was released in 1993. Some games, like Amnesia, added monsters to complex supernatural stories, and that seems to be the new standard from which many exploration games are working. 100 Stones Interactive, a development company hailing from Australia, is looking to the past with their current project, The Eyes of Ara, where modern graphics merge with old-school gameplay to form something familiar, though potentially refreshing.


Players explore an abandoned castle with a checkered past, in a town where locals avoid the property at all costs due to the family that once resided there. One day, a radio signal is found to be emitting from the uppermost tower of the castle, and strange lights have been seen in the surrounding mists. A brave soul ventures inside and begins the task of unraveling the story, through puzzles that range from small and isolated to multi-room discoveries.

Secret tasks and rooms abound, as well, and all the while, something in the house is waking up. Only by finding all of the secrets and solving all of the puzzles will the player be able to uncover the story of what happened to the former residents, as well as figure out what is happening at present.


The Eyes of Ara is currently on Kickstarter (with 22 days and approximately 50% of funding to go), and has already been Greenlit on SteamIt will be available for Windows and Mac, with an estimated release of Spring 2016. This interested can follow the developers on Facebook and Twitter for updates and more information. Alternatively, visit the original forum post, where you can interact with the developer directly, and ask any questions you may have.

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