IGM Forum Find: Solve Musical Puzzles in Soints2

Burning People is a small development team based in Russia, and they’ve shared their latest project Soints2 via our Indie Game Mag Forum. The game’s goal is simple: Remove the points floating in the game spaces. Only one move is allowed, and all points must be eliminated. Different solutions create different effects concerning both visuals and music, to create a relaxing puzzle atmosphere.

gameplayIn each level, there are a set number of balls (“points”) moving in a space that may have obstacles. The player is given a point with a special power that they must activate in order to have it interact with the entire play space, creating a chain reaction to clear the area. Each interaction has a different visual and audio cue, with different solutions creating a unique soundtrack for the level.

Playable points (“soints”) vary in ability, with some increasing in speed, others attracting existing points, and even explosive soints that completely change the trajectory of the entire level. With over 70 levels (including bonus levels), and more than one solution for each, Soints2 can potentially offer hours of puzzle relaxation for mobile gamers.

Burning People is currently seeking funding on Boomstarter (the site is in Russian – A browser that can translate is needed) to completely debug Soints2, as well as port it to other platforms. It is currently slated to be released on Android, with stretch goals to include iOS and other releases. There are 22 days to go, with an ultimate goal of 30,000 RUB ($475.29 USD). Follow Burning People on Twitter for more information and screenshots.

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