IGM Forum Find: Road so Far – A Journey to Hell and Back

Road So Far is an adventure platformer by Vitaly Margevics, and tells the story of an unnamed protagonist on a quest to find his twin brother. The brother is trapped in hell, and must be saved from eternal damnation after dying in a car accident. With the help of a friendly witch, you (the protagonist) are sent down to hell to free your brother’s soul.

road so far 1

There is a free demo available for play, but a final version with more levels and better functionality is on its way, soon, and you can purchase the game (which will give you access to those updates) at Indie Game Stand or on Desura. Both sites are offering the game in its early alpha version as a means of crowd-funding to get Road So Far released by the end of this month.

For more information on the game and its development, follow Margevich on Twitter, like the game on Facebook, and be sure to keep up with the original forum post for direct updates from the dev!

road so far

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