IGM Forum Find – Manage a Band and Find Success in Musicology


Like tycoon and management games, but aren’t particularly fond of theme parks or large cities? Music fan, or even just a history nerd? Musicology may hold the best of both worlds, with a resource-management adventure in the works that promises a lesson in how things get done, from the 1940’s to today, in the world of independent music. Ceerk., a development team based in Italy, are putting together this 8-bit representation for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and promise an extensive opportunity for replayability with a veritable smorgasbord of bands and genres to choose from.

Musicology works like any other management game: pick a scenario and go. Bands that have made history in the past are now in gamer’s (hopefully) capable hands, where they will get gigs, manage finances, and help with public relations. Through the years, challenges ranging from different types of promotional materials to the modern issue of piracy will plague band managers, adding further to the experience. With over 250 artists and bands throughout 22 genres, there are a number of different ways to go about the business of Musicology, and each provides its own unique strategies. The developers hope to revive the management/tycoon genre while adding their own twist. A trailer is forthcoming, though the projected release date hasn’t been announced.


Find out more information about Musicology on IndieDB and Game Jolt. If you’d like to talk to Ceerk., follow them on Facebook or Twitter, and of course you can view the original forum post, where comments are welcome.

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