IGM Forum Find: Glow Ball – a Billiards-Based Puzzle Game

Built with the Unity engine, Glow Ball is a puzzle game by WTFOM Games, and was developed by a single person over 6 months. If you’ve ever played billiards, you know the premise: get the balls into the pockets. However, this game adds obstacles ranging from mere objects in the way, to level drop-offs and exploding spikes. Avoid all the obstacles, get the ball where it’s supposed to go, win the game. Sounds simple, right?


Including a soft, jazzy soundtrack to keep things relaxed, Glow Ball is described as having a leisurely, meditative gameplay, ideal for those who enjoy billiards or pool, either in real life or in their video games. The level designs add an edge, and precision must be used to achieve the goal. With bright colors, various unique designs, and challenging puzzles, Glow Ball looks to be a great addition to the collection of those who enjoy scrambling their brains with puzzle games.


Glow Ball is available in multiple places, including Desura and itch.io, and is now on Steam Greenlight, so if it looks like a game you’d like to add to your Steam library, you can vote for it.

WTFOM Games is very active on the game’s forum page, adding updates as they happen, so go sign up for our IGM Forum and keep up-to-date on the latest happenings! You can also follow the dev on Twitter.

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