IGM Forum Find – Dungeon Fall

If life has taught me anything, it’s that bad things happen to good people. The upcoming Dungeon Fall is no exception, and pits Rosame against cavern after cavern of fast-paced 2D sidescrolling action, descending deep into catacombs in escape of the collapsing ceilings above her.


JackassPenguin’s Android, PC, Mac and Linux game, which came to our attention in our very own forums, turns a normal girl into a wannabe thief, searching the pockets of the dead for riches that will free her kingdom for poverty, and makes use of accelerometers in mobile devices.

From the minute that Rosame first falls into the dusty catacombs of her town, the camera descends slowly, bringing doom and ceilings down on her head. The only way to survive is to head downward through the gaps in the floor by tilting your device in the direction you’d like to run until reaching a room that is sturdy enough to withhold the debris weighing on top of it, marking the end of a level.

Rosame’s escape will also be affected by four stats; speed, attack, defence, and health. The first three stats are altered by the inclination of the gamer’s mobile device, whilst the latter is in danger of being depleted when facing the different – and as yet, unnamed – enemies that will be lurking in the catacombs.


Dungeon Fall is to be released on Android devices, along with Windows, Mac and PC, and you can find out all you need to know about Rosame’s unfortunate thieving antics on JackassPenguin’s IndieDB, Steam Greenlight or the IGM Forum. If you’re feeling generous, leave a comment for the developers and share the indie love.