IGM Forum Find: Beep Boop Bot Goes Pew Pew

A space station crew in need of protection has turned to an out-of-date robot to help protect them from a shipment of AI bots. The Beep Boop Bot (BBB) travels and does all it can to fulfill its duties in Psycho Robot Studio’s game of the same name. The action/strategy casual shooter aims to deliver fun, with multiple upgrades and bosses to beat.

In Game Screen Shot Chopz Battle

BBB has basic weaponry when the game begins. It must shoot its way through a myriad of enemies, seen in the video above, and pick up temporary weapon boosts dropped by the AI. Flamethrowers, EMPs, and turbo boosts are a few of the upgrades available. Bosses are present at each level, and after fighting them, BBB learns new skills and becomes a more valuable ally in the war. There are currently 3 stages in the demo (links to Google Drive), with a total of 12 stages available once the game is complete.

In Game Screen Shot EMP

In addition to Beep Boop Bot being on Greenlight, Psycho Robot Studios put out a call to players to vote on assets and gameplay options. One change that’s been implemented is the presence of the circuit HUD, while another is the ability to choose which upgrade to receive when defeating the second level boss; either a damage bubble or a time warp bubble are available.

Level 2 Upgrade Choice

Check out Beep Boop Bot in the IGM Forums, and feel free to ask questions and leave feedback right here in the comments. Follow Psycho Robot Studios on Twitter and Facebook for more information and screenshots.

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