IGM Forum Find: Aid in a Mother’s Quest in Tanuki

Today’s Forum Find is brought to us by Brendon Glanzer, a simulation artist and part-time game developer of four years. Since January 2014, Glanzer has been working on Tanuki, which has gameplay described as “Donkey Kong Country meets Sonic” with its barrel-borne navigation method and obstacle-course design (not to mention the lost children).

Tanuki Factory_zpsmvxelekv

Players help a Mother Tanuki to retrieve her family, which has been scattered about by an evil Kitsune (9-tailed fox) through 3 different environments: The Forest, The Badlands, and The Factory. Within these environments lie 30 different levels full of visual timing puzzles requiring quick thinking and steady aim. Tanuki‘s main method of transportation is through the aforementioned barrels, which shoot the mother in the air to get her to the next location. Drums can provide an extra bounce, with moving versions of both vehicles providing an additional challenge.

Tanuki Badlands_zpshms1bt1z

There are a number of unlockable playable characters that may be available once the game is completed, including the Father Tanuki, who was originally planned to be the protagonist. Budgetary concerns may limit these characters and their special abilities, as Glanzer develops in his free time, but the plan is to have Tanuki completed and released in early 2016 for Android devices. Glanzer says he will try to port the game to other devices, if possible, as “the game controls really well with a controller.”

Find out more by visiting Tanuki‘s Facebook and Twitter. The website is currently being reworked, but will be visible soon at

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