IGM Forum Find: A Single Room Holds Many Challenges in Traversal

Tux n’ Tab Games was started by developer Blake DeBerto after he found dissatisfaction in his day job. After 5 years of development and programming, he has unveiled his first game in the forums, an action/strategy game called Traversal. Players stay in a single room for the duration of the game, but obstacles continually challenge them throughout a series of levels, creating a need for quick thinking.


Players take the role of a small cubic ship, making its way across a large field towards a giant golden bar. Shoot, smash, or avoid obstacles, and reach the goal to advance. Once the field is traversed, the golden bar will move to the other side of the room, triggering a whole new set of obstacles and enemies for the player. Power-ups are also available, to assist in beating the clock.

There are two game modes available for players: Basic, which is more of a tutorial with slightly increasing difficulty, and Intense, which is a no-holds-barred barrage of challenges, including 4 bosses to up the ante. A pacifist run is possible in Intense mode for those with enough patience to try. How players decide to proceed through the game will affect the types of obstacles and enemies they are faced with over time.


Traversal is available on for Windows PC, and interested parties can name their own price. Follow DeBerto on Twitter for more information about Traversal and his other upcoming project, Recovery Quest.

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