IGM Aus – Dev Diary Edition

The wonderful thing about modern technology is the ability to maintain a level of connectivity with your audience. The dev diary allows the chance for a creator to provide a unique perspective on a project before, during and sometimes after the product is out on store shelves. A while ago I featured a few blogs, but there’s so many out there I figured it was time to visit a few more and see what’s going on out there in the wide world of game development from those who devote their life to it.

grapple knight in actionLet’s start with Red Knight Games, a young studio who are currently developing the platform game Grapple Knight. The team has had been making many an alterations to how the game looks and plays over the last few months and their blogs are a perfect insight into how that development has shifted their focus.

Suddenly changing everything you know, especially on something you’ve put a lot of time into already, can be a difficult process. That’s especially the case if it means literally throwing out your existing results and starting over. But the latest blog by the team proves that some times change can be for the better, in this case shifting from a modern visual presentation to a more pixelated, retro art style. It makes for interesting reading, a chance to see things from another point of view from a developer who clearly loves what they do and isn’t afraid to put in the hard work or try something they haven’t done before in order to get it right.

blastpoints androidFrom working on an upcoming game to reflecting on how it all went. Pub Games released their iOS and Android game Blastpoints recently but came across some interesting hurdles along the way, especially when developing the Android edition as their current blog update explains.

“There are well over 1500 unique Android devices, all with different hardware specifications, from different manufacturers and different video chips,” the team explains, going into great detail on the kinds of problems were brought up when developing Blastpoints. They went so far as to break things down into 9 different performance types based on what product the game is playing on at the time and creating an option for players to change that level within the game itself.

There’s the promise of more insight into the development process over the coming weeks, along with reactions and opinions by the team on Blastpoints success and issues post release. Again, it’s great to read such a candid and open opinion not just on how the game went, but what went wrong and how the team are devoted to fix the issues they came across.

Finally we come to the video blog, the opportunity for a dev to show more than just a few words or a screenshot or two. Now I realise that the Firemonkey’s team aren’t as indie (in name) as they used to be, being an Electronic Arts studio these days, but there’s still a great level of independent development in Real Racing’s blood. The below developer diary video is just one of a few the team has uploaded so far, detailing the work put into the newest race tracks within the game:


So there you go, three slightly different but just as interesting blogs that are worth keeping an eye on. If you have an Aussie (or New Zealand) blog that you’d like to see up in lights, get in touch with me via email or twitter for the next IGM Aus Dev Diary in the near future.

A quick shout out to all Aussie devs working their way over the weekend for the Global Game Jam! Hope all goes well. I’ll cya next week folks. Oh, and happy Australia Day!